Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): TIP#125 Add Seach Service Contract to ACS Authenticaton

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I propose adding a search service contract for acs autentication. This will allow authentication drivers to implement a search so administators can search the authority for a user. This is needed for sites where syncronizing the entire authority user base would not be possible.

This is already implemented so we would just need to add the code to HEAD. An implementaton is done for ns_ldap.

Posted by Dave Bauer on
The implementaton is in AUTH-LDAP package, not ns_ldap.
Note: we have been using this in production for more than a year at MGH and are willing to support and improve on the code.
Regarding search service contract, there are 2 implementations right now: callbacks and service contract. Which one did you use?
Posted by Dave Bauer on
This is a service contract added to the acs authentication package. Its a service contract because that parallels the other service contracts defined for acs-authentication.
oh ok, sorry I misunderstood or didn't read carefully enough...
NOTE: THis is adding a search operation that is passed to external authorities in addition to the existing operations performed on external authorities. It is not related to the search package.