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12: Re: bcms 0.3 on cvs (response to 11)
Posted by Steve Manning on

I think its better to get a working version of BCMS-UI-Wizard on contribs rather than hold it back because of a problem with the merge.

Let me know (off-list) what changes are required to UI-Wizard to bring it back into line - or if its some feature I've added. If necessary I can then either rework the problem or move the relevent part out of BCMS into UI-Wizard to retain the feature.

    - Steve

13: Re: bcms 0.3 on cvs (response to 12)
Posted by Randy O'Meara on
Thank you both for answering.

My goal is to utilize the CR to define, generate, display, and validate object/attribute forms.

I'm using the CR docs as a guide for sequence of operations,  and comparing CR and bcms APIs. I'm looking for a one-for-one correspondence between the two APIs, but they don't really match up. For example, where the CR docs show how to create a content type with content_type__create_type, I don't see a bcms API call to do the equivalent. But I do see correspondence in other areas.

Maybe this is the wrong approach? Is there a better approach? Possibly someone has already correlated the APIs and created a step-by-step that will show me at least a part of what I'm trying to do?