Forum OpenACS Q&A: getting watchdog to work

Posted by David Kuczek on
I had watchdog working as I used the old /parameters/ad.tcl script.

I just installed openacs etc. on 7.1.1 and now the watchdog is not
working properly at all. It just doesn't show anything.

Might it be possible that the path is not being found? These are the
lines from the new ad.tcl that I properly renamed into server1.tcl:

ns_section ns/server/${server}/acs/monitoring

        # People to email for alerts

        # ns_param PersontoNotify nerd1@[ns_info hostname]

        # ns_param PersontoNotify nerd2@[ns_info hostname]

        # location of the watchdog perl script

        ns_param WatchDogParser

        # watchdog frequency in minutes

        ns_param WatchDogFrequency 15

I don't really understand how that path works anyway.


Posted by David Walker on
homedir and server are set in your nsd.tcl file that you call when starting bin/nsd

Your nsd.tcl file may contain:
set homedir "/usr/local/aolserver"
set server "myservername"

which makes the path: "/usr/local/aolserver/servers/myservername/bin/"
Posted by David Kuczek on
Hello David,

I thought that this was the answer, but I didn't believe that I would have to copy the scripts to that location, because the documentation doesn't talk about this step at all...

It works now though...