Forum OpenACS Development: New Events Version 0.1d4 Release

Posted by Anny Flores on
I would like to announce you that Events 0.1d4 is now available, this new version allows the user to create his/her own events. When the event is created (by the user with create permission for the instance of the package) the admin permission is granted to the user, and the event can be administrated by him and also grant permissions to other users to write,read or admin the event. The permissions can be managed by an administrator or the user who create the event.

This is the first approach of this feature, and also my first time making a contribution :), so let me know any suggestion or comment that you have.

Best regards
Anny Flores

Posted by Don Baccus on
Those sound like very useful enhancements, yes indeed...
Posted by Jade Rubick on
Great additions, Anny!

Are you willing to be the package maintainer for events? Currently, nobody is listed as the maintainer.

Also, did you tag the package with openacs-5-1-compat? Make sure you read through the release section on

Thank you for your contributions! I'm sure they'll be very helpful.