Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Using Xowiki from the Learning Design Player GRAIL

Hi Gustaf,

The aDeNu group (UNED) maintains 3 dotlrn sites, none of them has xowiki installed. We have to satisfy accessibility requirements and that's why we don't use it for now.

Note that imsld package is already in dotlrn-extras, it has been added for 2.3 IIRC.

Posted by Miguel Cordova on
Hi Gustaf,

In the name of the Official UNED .LRN website (hosted by Innova), I have to say that UNED is using xowiki, at least, in 4 dotlrn sites (plus their development instances). We are planning to use it in another 3 more websites we are developing.

We also use the "content" application Roc's said before.