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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Dear Community,

XoWiki 0.105 is available from CVS head of the OpenACS code repository. This release is a pre-release, and should go into the "stable branch"
(oacs-5-4) by end of next week. We use this version in production, so it is supposed to be pretty stable.

Since release 0.60 (see there were 1139 changes (commits) for xowiki.
A detailed changelog can be found in

Below is a summary of the most important changes.

Best regards
-Gustaf Neumann

General improvements:

  • Allow xowiki package admins to administer categories for the package
    instance (important for e.g. xowiki applet in DotLRN,
    this functionality requires categories 1.1.2d4)

  • Many improvements on import/export

  • Make page_order (together with includelets toc and book)
    available for Oracle as well

  • Improved cluster support

  • Parameter pages: arbitrary forms can be used to parameterize xowiki
    packages, since FormPages are essentially named attribute/value
    pairs with web-based I/O behavior (it is e.g. possible to use Forms
    to provide values for as package parameters, or to access these
    pages via includelet "get" etc.)
  • improve accessibility
  • HTML, CSS improvements
  • improve code quality and performance
  • New Prototype pages

      This prototype page lists entries of FormPages en:announcement-talk
      and en:announcement-workshop in ical format (a user can subscribe
      to these events via ical compliant calendar programs such as
      thunderbird/lightning/sunbird or Ical)
    •,, and
      Prototype pages for different kind of announcements. is the
      aggregator. Prototype pages support micro-formats
      (see e.g. slides from the XoWiki presentation in Guatemala
      like, but for printing (e.g. no js)
    • New Includelets:

      • rss-client, iframe, my-refers, bookmarklet-button,
        most-frequent-visitors, view-item-button, copy-item-button

      Improved support for form-fields:

      • support for autonamed entries
      • support for compound form fields
      • ::xowiki::FormPages might have sub-objects (used for attached files
        and images entered via form-fields), included in
        import/export. Sub-objects are seen as part of the including
        objects. If including objects are e.g. deleted/exported/etc.,
        the same operations are applied on sub-objects as well.
      • Ability to use category values, party_ids and and FormPage
        instances as values of form-fields, which are preserved during
      • Improve form-usages includelets in many respects, including
        a simply query language and ability to pass @-variables
        with form-content to it.
      • Added several new form-field types: page, form_page, checkbox,
        file, image, omit, password, youtube_url, image_url, label, form,
        form_constraints, event
      • Package parameter

        • ability to include/exclude an xowiki instance from Google sitemap

        XoWiki classes ::xowiki::PageTemplate and ::xowiki::PageInstance are
        deprecated and will be removed in future versions (the functionality
        is a subset of ::xowiki::Form and ::xowiki::FormPage). It is planned
        to replace in the future the folder object by an ::xowiki::Form-based

2: Re: XoWiki 0.105 available (response to 1)
Posted by Matthew Dodwell on

Thanks for the update. Just trying it out and can't seem to get the file upload to work.

I get the following error;
can't read "text": no such variable
while executing
"set text"
("uplevel" body line 1)
invoked from within
"uplevel #8 set text"
invoked from within
"my var text"
(procedure "data_from_form" line 15)
::xowiki::f1 ::xowiki::WikiForm->data_from_form
invoked from within
"my data_from_form -new 1 "
(procedure "new_data" line 4)
invoked from within

fixed by ;
WikiForm instproc data_from_form {{-new 0}} {
my instvar data
if {[$data exists_form_parameter text.format]} {
$data set mime_type [$data form_parameter text.format]
if {$new && [[$data set package_id] get_parameter production_mode 0]} {
$data set publish_status production
upvar #[template::adp_level] page_order page_order
if {[info exists page_order] && $page_order ne ""} {
set page_order [string trim $page_order " ."]

if {[info exists text] } {
foreach {text format} [my var text] break
my var text [list [list [::xowiki::tidy clean $text] $format]]


3: Re: XoWiki 0.105 available (response to 2)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Thanks Matthew, this is fixed (slightly differently) in cvs head.
4: Re: XoWiki 0.105 available (response to 1)
Posted by Richard Hamilton on
I seem to be having problems checking out the code anonymously from cvs:

[root@server packages]# cvs co openacs-4/packages/xowiki
Unknown host
[root@server packages]#

Am I doing something stupid here?

What I am trying to do is to download and install the version of xowiki that Gustaf has just announced in order to try it for the first time.

I have also noticed that is running incredibly slowly at the moment (hompage load approx. 60 secs, forum page about 90 secs). I have checked my connection which is working a circa 4400Kbps. Is everything ok? Is there anything I can do to help?


5: Re: XoWiki 0.105 available (response to 4)
Posted by Stefan Sobernig on
Just tried:

cvs co -d xowiki openacs-4/packages/xowiki

Works for me ... you might want to add the "-d xowiki" switch after the co sub-command. this spares you to flatten the nested directory structure afterwards ...

There have been issue with the availability/reliability of the new hosting machines. I am not aware of recent ones ...