Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Debian Installer Update (openacs 5.4.3 debian/ubuntu packages released)

You are probably right.

We'll wait to see how it works out.


Thanks for your expression of interest. Even if later, this is highly welcomed by those involved.

I can only second Héctor's statements: Going for a concerted backporting initiative for the current debian stable ("etch") *now* would not pay off in the mid run.

Waiting for lenny to become the stable distribution and then setting up backports of upcoming packages versions from unstable is certainly a valuable contribution.

In the meantime, you can use the current testing distribution for your server installations. All openacs|dotlrn dependencies are in there (by now). Backporting openacs|dotlrn packages themselves should be a relative ease.

As for the "package building environment", you can freely use the package sources for setting up your playing ground:

1. see, follow the package links to the Debian Package Tracking System (PTS). There, links to the SVN repositories are given. You can use the Debian "svn-buildpackage" facilities to get the sources, mangle them, and build binaries and distribution packs therefrom.

2. the openacs|dotlrn packages are managed at Here, go for "cvs-buildpackage". Once approved by the Debian Tcl/Tk Team, they will certainly move to the Debian SVN.

I am always happy to help out, once you decide to get started.


Hi Robert,

Debian Lenny is supposed to be released this weekend (14-F), if nothing goes wrong, maybe to coincide with @1234567890 Unix time ;-)

Cheers, Héctor

They made the @1234567890 time; Debian 5 Lenny has landed:



I've splitted the debian repository on two:

* Lenny: Only packages which work on Lenny.

deb lenny main

* Sid: Unstable packages. May not work on Lenny.

deb sid main

At this time, the two repositories has the same packages, but this may change in the future. Lenny users should use the first one.

BTW, I updated the debian xowiki page with the new repo.

Cheers, Héctor