Forum OpenACS Q&A: OCT Meeting Minutes (11/Feb/2009)

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Present: dhogaza, roc, daveb, emma_r, mr_calvin, mcordova, morals

1) New Documentation process
2) Next release 5.5

1) Roc has a proposal to update the documentation (technical docs of openacs, special target the installation) in xowiki.
Documentaion on /test-doc is now production-ready. There is an script to freeze a given version and produce a big html file. So it's needed a way to generate multiple pages as it is the documentation right now.

The process for generating technical documentation should be:
* Rename to (one time only step)
* Update that documentation wiki instance
* Once the documentation is ready, freeze it with freeze-script
* Generate the html documentation based on the wiki-frozen version.
* Commit into the CVS, branch and tag appropriately.
There is going to be a freezed version of documents per branch on /doc/5-4-2/... and /doc/current/ would be the last one
we have to document formating in xowiki-documentation instead of docbook.
Roc will create a wiki page with the process agreed.

2) Ideally, we freeze core on march 15

First, focus on get xowik instance wroking. Then get the process put all together so we can switch. Then we'll worry about improving documentation.

Tentative agenda for the next meeting:

Do /review the 5.5 todo

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Eh! sorry, this thread should be (11/feb/2009). Can anybody change this?
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