Forum OpenACS Q&A: Spring 2009 OCT Election - Voting process about to begin!

The voting process for the Spring 2009 OCT Election is about to begin.

Voting starts on Sat March 21, 2009 Midnight UTC and ends on Thu April 2, 2009 Midnight UTC.

And the nominees are:

  • Dave Bauer
  • Don Baccus
  • Héctor Romojaro
  • Michael Steigman
  • Miguel A Cordova
  • Stefan Sobernig
  • Victor Guerra

You can vote here:

Please, remember that:

Good luck to all the Nominees!!!

Hi Victor,

I can't vote, the list appears with the comment "results pending" next to each name...

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the system timezone has not been changed to Europe/Vienna?

Hi Emmanuelle,

I just checked and you are able to vote, and yes there is a "resullts pending" message next to each name , but at the end of the list you can see the Vote button.

Oh ooops!
Here is the message I get:

"You are not a valid voter for this election because you have not posted at least twice in the OpenACS forums since Sun March 15, 2009 05:00 PM US/Pacific."

That's a pretty tight time period (this is my second post since March 15, 2009 :-))

Edit: Couldn't game it. The message in the package is incorrect. It should read: the cutoff date for posts is March 15th, 2009. Guess I lost my ability to vote this round. Too bad we don't take things like IRC participation into account.

I edited this to Oct 15, 2008.

That should be more reasonable.