Forum OpenACS Development: 20 seconds delay after ad_returnredirect on AOLServer 4.5 / OpenACS 5.4?


I'm getting a delay of about 20 second after ad_returnredirect, before my browser redirects to the right page. It only happens during the first redirect.

I'm sure I've already fixed this issue some years ago, but I'm searching through forums since two hours now and haven't found anything...

I've connected to the server via telnet and got the same output as with aolserver3.3/OpenACS 5.1...

Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
<A HREF="">The requested URL has moved here.</A>
<P ALIGN=RIGHT><SMALL><I>AOLserver/4.5.0 on</I></SMALL></P>

Connection closed by foreign host.

Thanks a lot!

Hi Frank,

I wonder if it happens if you try ns_returnredirect? That way you will be able to determine if it's an AOLserver or OpenACS issue.


Upgrade to 4.5.1; if this does not help, one has to go through your configuration parameters.

I knew I knew this problem. A 20/30 second delay is _always_ the DNS.

This time it was a bit more tricky: Using wget with the -S option, I was able to track down the delay to Pound on the server side. And running Pound with the -v option I could see a "gethostbyname( Host name lookup failure".

And the reason for this failure is that I run Pound in a root jail, so that Pound can't access the normal /etc/resolv.conf. So I had to fix /var/pound/etc/resolv.conf, and that's it.

Thanks for your replies!