Forum OpenACS Development: server setup problem - invalid command name "template::adp_parse"

I just set up a server with the latest code and am seeing this error message when I request the index page (or any other page at all):
Request Error
invalid command name "template::adp_parse"
    while executing
"template::adp_parse [file root [ad_conn file]] {}"
    (procedure "adp_parse_ad_conn_file" line 14)
    invoked from within
    ("uplevel" body line 2)
    invoked from within
"uplevel $code"
    invoked from within
"ad_try {
      } ad_script_abort val {
	# do nothing
    invoked from within
"rp_serve_concrete_file [ad_conn file]"
    (procedure "rp_serve_abstract_file" line 60)
    invoked from within
"rp_serve_abstract_file "$root/$path""
    ("uplevel" body line 2)
    invoked from within
I'm using [info commands ::template::adp_parse] to determine if the function exists. At the end of zz-postload.tcl, the last step in the bootstrap sequence, the function exists (as expected). At the top of rp_handler, the first step in serving a request, the function does not exist, hence the error. Where did it go??

Thanks for any ideas on how else to debug the problem. I strongly suspect it's something orthogonal to the code, like my config file or file permissions or something, but I'm having no luck tracking it down.

That's bizarre ... offhand I can't think of anything that would cause this in any recent commits I'm aware of.  It's only been a couple of days since I've installed from fresh sources so I think you're right, it's something very weird in environment.
When I try this on the latest code (on PG) things come to a halt when the kernel data model is loading.

I tracked the error down to a missing "return 1;" in /web/openacs-4/packages/acs-kernel/sql/postgresql/postgresql.sql at line 694. (create function create_user_col_comments()).

The postgresql.sql problem was reported by GIlbert Wong: SDM bug # 1273
This last crept in as I was making modifications which allow the datamodel to load under PG 7.2.  I hit the bug? feature? in PG 7.2 I've reported in another thread and let myself get wrapped up in resolving that rather than go back and test under PG 7.1 ...
Oops, it was worse than I described, actually.  My local version installs fine under PG 7.1, I got distracted by the PG issue and forgot to commit.

It's committed now ...

Just for future reference, I found the answer in this thread.