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6: Re: Res: .LRN 2.5.0 (response to 1)
Posted by Jose Agustin Lopez Bueno on

In University of Valencia we are testing the new .LRN:
-OpenACS 5.5
-.LRN 2.5.0d2
-Postgresql 8.4 beta 2

Installation is Ok only with some small problems:

-We need the package views (I have seen i other thread that it is resolved)

-We need to set the compatibility options in postgresql.conf
add_missing_from = on
regex_flavor = extended
default_with_oids = on
escape_string_warning = off
backslash_quote = on

-One xowiki error:
Error: Error sourcing /var/lib/aolserver/oacs_5_5/packages/xowiki/tcl/xowiki-utility-procs.tcl:
Cannot resolve 'self', probably called outside the context of an XOTcl Object
while executing
"my set age [list [expr {3600*24*365}] year years [expr {3600*24*30}] month months [expr {3600*24*7}] week weeks [expr {3600*24}] day days ..."
("eval" body line 2)
invoked from within
"::xo::Module ::xowiki::utility -eval {
my set age \
[list \
[expr {3600*24*365}] year years \
[expr {3600*24*30}] month..."
(file "/var/lib/aolserver/oacs_5_5/packages/xowiki/tcl/xowiki-utility-procs.tcl" line 248)
invoked from within
"source $__file "


9: Re: Res: .LRN 2.5.0 (response to 6)
Posted by Emmanuelle Raffenne on
Hi Agustin,

Thanks for the testing.

However .LRN 2.5.0 won't support pg 8.4 yet. Do you have any pg 8.3 installation you could test on?