Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: TIP #134: Change default value for RichTextEditor param in acs-templating

Hi Gustaf,

As for "more accessible", TinyMCE produces valid HTML according to the chosen DTD, it also provides access keys to apply styles and shortcuts to jump to/over the tool buttons and more (see

Emma, xowiki uses tidy to correct HTML, since this does not rely on any kind of editor. It is nice that tinymce produces HTML for a configurable document type (xinha loves xhtml). About accessibility: didn't you say that for accessibility, javascript has always be deactivated. With javascript deactivated, both rich text editors just look like a plain textarea.

Only with javascript activated, one is able to get to the table with the access keys, etc. described on that referenced page. so, i am wondering, how you deal in your accessibility tests with rich-text editors....


(sorry I missed that post of yours)

You said: "didn't you say that for accessibility, javascript has always be deactivated."

Not exactly. I said that the page has to provide the same feature whether javascript is enabled or not. In this case, it means to be able to fill in the textarea form field.

When javascript is enabled, the page still has to be compliant with accessibility guidelines.