Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: TIP #134: Change default value for RichTextEditor param in acs-templating

The answer to the last three of the four questions of mine seems to be "no". Furthermore, the OpenACS integration is not finished yet (not much to do, but someone has to do it). From my short evaluation, TinyMCE looks nice, but i would prefer more experience before making it default. In the current state, making it default premature and does not get my vote.

Hmm, i just saw that someone marked TIP #134 as "implemented". How comes? What happened with our tip rules (TIP #2)? These require at least one week of voting.


I did. I'm rushing because I will be on leave soon and actually missed that rule.

"tinymce is not working at all in cvs HEAD, it (javascript error);"

Daveb's right, the work's been done on the oacs-5-5 branch.

As is usual, I'll merge oacs-5-5 to HEAD *after* final release of 5.5.0.

This is standard operating procedure during the release process.

Emma, thanks. I know what happened: nobody has bumped the version number when the change was done, so the info file is not reloaded, and my up-to-date installation does not show it.... Please don't forget to bump version numbers when updating the info file!

I didn't bump it because it was already in alpha. My understanding is that only the release manager bumps version number when at alpha and beta stages.

Is this written somewhere? I would agree that only a release manager releases new versions, but i would not agree that it is a good idea to cause inconsistent behavior this way. The question comes down, what "release" means. There should be a way to add updates to the source code repository, which can be tested, without "releasing" this version. If this requires updating the version number, there should be a way to update version numbers without "releasing" it. People who have initially installed 5.5.0a1 before your change see a different behavior than people initially installing the same version after your change. The problem is that even after an update from cvs (and a restart of OpenACS), the behavior is inconsistent. Essentially, a developer with frequent updates is able to test your change only after the version is bumped (which did not happen so far).

Anyhow, this does not belong to the topic of the thread - when it does not happen so often, i can live with it.