Forum OpenACS Q&A: Boston OpenACS Social Friday April 29

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We will be meeting at Summer Shack near Aelwife T station at 7pm.

Please post if you are attending and I'll call ahead and try to get a table. So far attending are, Caroline, Andrew and Dave Bauer. Meetings at Brandesis and Concord Consortium are the coalescing factors so I'll buy a beer for anyone from those two organizations who makes it through their meetings and comes out to socialize with us.

Posted by Michael Steigman on
Count me in. I should be able to attend.
Posted by MaineBob OConnor on
I plan to be there!
I'm an "old" OpenACS'er and have done alot
with OpenACS 3.25 starting in 1999 and 2000
AND NOW I am ready to Leap into the Latest
and Greatest OpenACS.

My current project is converting from
Java/Tomcat/MySQL to OpenACS/Postgresql.

It will certainly be fun to meet in person
with other ACS'ers who are Open :-)

Bob OConnor
South China, Maine

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
I will be there as well.
Posted by Rich Graves on
Oh, all right.

I'm decreasingly involved in web stuff, but I'll be there around 7:45, probably.