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4: Re: ]po[ and .LRN together (response to 1)
Posted by Frank Bergmann on
Hi Mário,

Thanks to a project at ILO/ISSA, it's now possible to install the ]po[ packages on top of an existing OpenACS 5.3/5.4 system.

There may be "minor" problems with the SQL installation scripts. These issues may exist (I don't believe they exist at this moment...) because we don't test the "installation from scratch" every time we do a little SQl upgrade.

Please make sure you take V3.4.0.5 or higher from CVS.


5: Re: ]po[ and .LRN together (response to 4)
Posted by Mário Olímpio de Menezes on
Hi Frank,

Thanks for your info.

I'll try to understand the tutorial you've posted; I just skimmed over it and saw I need more understanding of the overall system: AOLServer, OpenACS, package installation process, filesystem hierarchy and customization.

Best regards!