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Posted by David Walker on
ns_returnredirect doesn't do anything fancy so you should be passing a full url to it. Here is the proc I have replaced it with on some of my machines.
  • Won't work well with browsers that don't pass a host header but there shouldn't be many of them left.
  • Won't work right with https. Will redirect the user back to an unencrypted page
  • Won't work with an ftp redirect or other non-http redirect. Gets confused
  • Won't work with a page like http_info.htm because it starts with http.
I'll fix these issues when I feel like it but maybe this will be good enough for your site or at least a starting point.

rename ns_returnredirect _ns_returnredirect
proc ns_returnredirect {url} {
        set url_out $url

        set curr_url [ns_conn url]
        set curr_host [ns_set iget [ns_conn headers] "host"]

        if {[string range $url 0 0] == "/"} {
                set url_out "http://${curr_host}${url}"
        } elseif {[string range $url 0 3] == "http" } {
                set url_out "${url}"
        } else {
                set curr_dir [file dirname "${curr_url}xx"]
                if {[string equal ${curr_dir} "/"]} {
                        set curr_dir ""
                set url_out "http://${curr_host}${curr_dir}/${url}"
#ns_log notice "[info level -1] :: _ns_returnredirect $url_out"
        _ns_returnredirect $url_out