Forum OpenACS CMS: Chat package ajax not refresh

Posted by Claudio Anelli on
I'm using
openACS 5.4.3
dotlrn 2.4.1
chat package 5.0d7

In ajax version there is no automatic live refresh of the messages display sent by other users. The only refresh happens when a user send a messages. in this moment he can see other user's live messages.

I mean that there was an authomatic update.

Anyone can Help me ?

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Have your read ?
Do you have javascript enabled in your browser?
I assume, you are using polling mode.
What browser are you using?
Posted by Claudio Anelli on
He Gustaf
I have javascript enabled.
on a Win envrionment I tried with IE7 , FireFox 3.0.x , Opera 9, Safari 4.x and Chrome 3.x,

I'm using the default ajax base, I thing in polling mode. I did not know how check or set the "streaming mode".

After my post I made some js debug and I found the problem and a solution.

The url used by JS to query (polling ?) openacs site contains parameter delimiter url-encoded: & ( & a m p ; ) and so openacs-dotrln does not like the url and parameter received and respond with an error / not found page.

Changing with a non-encoded form ( &) the polling refresh start in a regular base

I changed the code in chat-ajax-procs.tcl

I tested the modification in a win environment with IE7 , FireFox 3.0.x , Opera 9, Safari 4.x and Chrome 3.x with 10 users in a chat room and all it's OK

It's a bug or new browser's behavior ?

Posted by Emmanuelle Raffenne on
Hi Claudio,

That was a bug. It's fixed now and committed on HEAD and oacs-5-5 branch in the repository.

Thanks for reporting!