Forum OpenACS CMS: Re: Chat package ajax not refresh

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Have your read ?
Do you have javascript enabled in your browser?
I assume, you are using polling mode.
What browser are you using?
Posted by Claudio Anelli on
He Gustaf
I have javascript enabled.
on a Win envrionment I tried with IE7 , FireFox 3.0.x , Opera 9, Safari 4.x and Chrome 3.x,

I'm using the default ajax base, I thing in polling mode. I did not know how check or set the "streaming mode".

After my post I made some js debug and I found the problem and a solution.

The url used by JS to query (polling ?) openacs site contains parameter delimiter url-encoded: & ( & a m p ; ) and so openacs-dotrln does not like the url and parameter received and respond with an error / not found page.

Changing with a non-encoded form ( &) the polling refresh start in a regular base

I changed the code in chat-ajax-procs.tcl

I tested the modification in a win environment with IE7 , FireFox 3.0.x , Opera 9, Safari 4.x and Chrome 3.x with 10 users in a chat room and all it's OK

It's a bug or new browser's behavior ?

Posted by Emmanuelle Raffenne on
Hi Claudio,

That was a bug. It's fixed now and committed on HEAD and oacs-5-5 branch in the repository.

Thanks for reporting!