Forum OpenACS Development: Bug Tracker Hack Request

Posted by Alfred Essa on
As we get more interest in OpenACS / .LRN among enterprise customers, software quality comes up repeatedly during the Q&A. Also, potential customers are far more sophisticated now in performing due diligence of open source communities.

Therefore, I have a hack request to Bug Tracker.

It would be very useful to have a "Status Report Page" that visually displays the number of open bugs (broken down by severity) and progress over time. By going to this page someone would be able to obtain both a static and dynamic snapshot of the bugs in the system. The static picture would provide at a glance the number of open bugs and the dynamic picture would show the run rate of closure.

This would also be very useful to everyone in the community, I believe.

What would be involved in hacking this to bug tracker? And is someone willling to undertake it?

Posted by Richard Hamilton on

Sounds like an interesting idea as long as we don't end up either publishing a lack of activity or putting volunteers under unreasonable scrutiny.

Hopefully a new feature like this need not be a 'hack'! :-)

Perhaps you would be willing to volunteer.

Posted by Torben Brosten on
Regardless of its appropriateness for, this would be a useful feature to add to bug-tracker package.