Forum OpenACS Q&A: Fall 2005 OCT Elections: Procedure and Call for Nominations

(the title of this post was edited to say Fall 2005)

The OCT (OpenACS Core Team) terms of Don Baccus, Dave Bauer, Jeff Davis, Andrew Grumet, and Jade Rubick are expiring. This means that 5 seats on OCT are up for election.
There are 9 total seats, roughly half of which are up for election every six months.
For more detail please see the OpenACS governance page
and also TIP #22.
Those elected will serve one year terms.

<h3>Voters and Nominations</h3>

The 4 OCT members elected May 27, 2005,
CVS committers and
anyone who has posted at least twice to the forums in 90 days to 04 Oct may vote. With the exception of the 4 OCT members whose terms are not expiring, these same persons are eligible be candidates for OCT, and may nominate others for this election.

Current OCT members (Don, Dave, Jeff, Andrew, Jade) are automatically nominated. (Please post here if you decline the nomination.) For others, two nominations are required to be on the ballot. Nomination takes place by posting on this thread.


(All times are Midnight UTC on the day mentioned.)

Now: Nominations open.

Tuesday 18 Oct 2005: Nominations close. Preliminary ballot is published.

<strike>Sun</strike>Mon 24 Oct 2005: Ballot is frozen at 23:00 UTC (those who have declined nomination are deleted). Voting begins at Midnight UTC.

Sun Nov 7 2005: Voting ends.


Voting will take place on the site, at a URL to be announced in this thread and in its own thread on the OpenACS Q&A forum.
Please request notification on this thread using the link at the top of the page.

Let the nominations begin!

I would like to nominate Andrew Piskorski and Frank Bergmann.
I nominate Nick Carroll
I second Nick's nomination
Just a reminder, nominations do not need to be seconded. :)
I nominate Torben Brosten.
I respectfully decline the nomination at this time.

..and nominate:

Victor Manuel Guerra Moran


Eduardo Pérez

I also respectfully decline nomination (being rather busy nowadays).

I nominate Alex Kroman.

9: I decline the nomination (response to 2)
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
It's awesome to be nominated for the OCT, but, I hereby decline the nomination.

It wouldn't make sense to put me on the OCT unless and until I find time to actually contribute substantial code and effort to OpenACS. I'd like that, but I don't honestly expect it to happen anytime soon.

No worries Andrew. I nominate Ernie Ghiglione in your place.
I got the day wrong for voting to being. Voting begins Monday Oct 24.
Nominations are closed.
Andrew Grumet has advised us that he will not be able to serve on the OCT if he is reelected.

To make sure everyone's is able to get their full 5 votes, the election will be restarted with a new ballot with Andrew's name removed.

The election starts now and will continue until Midnight 11 Novemeber UTC.

I apologize for the inconvenience, I hope everyone who has the opporunity to vote will take it.

The URL of the election is