Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): TIP #142 (implemented) Administration UI to manage mime types and extension map

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This is something I wanted to do for a long time now and that I finally implemented today.

The UI would live at acs-content-repository/www/admin/mime-types and provides the following:

- List of existing mime types
- List of existing mime types with their mapped extensions
- Form to add a new mime type
- Form to map a new extension to an existing mime type
- Option to unmap extension

With this UI, no need to write upgrade scripts anymore to insert new mime types and their maps.

cr_create_mime_type needs to be slightly modified to insert a new map only if the extension is not null, and to change "mime_type" arg from optional to required (but that last one is a fix).

As I said above, it's already implemented so the only thing left is to commit it if approved :).

Any reason not to put this in acs-admin with the rest of the site wide admin UI? At least a link from there seems good.

Approve as long as it has a link from somewhere I can find it.

We should still have upgrade scripts when MS creates new office version types etc or someone invents a new video or audio file type.


The link appears in the acs-admin index page, in the list of services:

Content Repository | Pages | Administration | Parameters

note: content repository is mounted because of www/index.vuh

Cool! I forgot about that.