Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Call for Volunteers: Redesign inside and out

I think it’s great we are getting all this excitement about improving OACS. I want to remind people that this is an open source project not a company. The OCT is a decision making body, we do not command any resources. There is also not a fixed pie of resources. People do what they feel is important and have the skills to do. Thus an argument over whether A or B is more important is not that useful.

The following questions are useful.

1. Is A something we want done? (The OCT has the final decision on this in general)
2. Is there someone who wants to and can do A? (Each individual volunteer decides this)

And the same questions on B.

Arguing that A shouldn’t be done because B is better is often pointless. There is no fixed pie of labor. If we agree that both A and B should be done then please be supportive of people who are doing both A and B. If you don’t think A should be done then please make that argument based only on the merits of A. That you think B is more important is really not that relevant. Bashing B is likely to make a volunteer who wanted to do B go away and not do anything, so think if that is what you want before you post.

At this time we are a community of volunteers. I’d ask everyone to find a place where they can pitch in and do something helpful that they feel is important.

If you would like a decision made please let the OCT know. You can reach us at We meet on Tuesday (as in tomorrow) 11pm UTC 6pm EST 3pm PST in the #openacs channel. Procedures for official TIP decisions are here:

Who is on the OCT can be found here: