Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: What functionality do you miss on for your daily work

I know I am not answering the question but the challenge for OpenACS at the moment is not "lack of functionality". Building more functionality is useless if the project is unable to *maintain* its code base properly.

We are talking about which new rooms to build in the edifice while the foundations are rotting and existing rooms are not being kept up-to-date.

I don't mean to be churlish. Of course, we shouldn't discourage innovations such as Gustav's Wiki package or Nick's dotFOLIO from flowing in. However, because we are such a small community we need to focus in the immediate term in addressing some of the structural weaknesses identified by Joe Cooper and others.

For example, Caroline Meeks has a proposal on the table for Wiki Per Package. Let's rally around something like that and move it along as quickly as possible to improve documentation, fix the bugs, and have a coherent plan for maintaining packages.