Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: after installation how to access

Posted by Héctor Romojaro on
Hi James,

Did you drop the old database before reinstalling the openacs package?

Cheers, Héctor

Posted by James Godrej on
I executed following command
aptitude remove postgresql

if this drops then yes if not then I do not know how can it be dropped.

Posted by Héctor Romojaro on
Just execute psql as the postgres user (for example), type \l, press enter, and see if the openacs database is still there. If needed, you can drop it with "DROP DATABASE openacs".
Posted by James Godrej on
There is no command like \I or \L or \i or \l which command you want me to execute let me know.
Posted by James Godrej on
Ok I understood now and I have dropped the database openacs.

Now what next should I do?

Posted by James Godrej on
Now after I dropped the database things here proceeded

when I type in URL

I can see following

OpenACS Installation: Error ____________________________________________________________

Thank you for installing the Open Architecture Community System (OpenACS), a suite of fully-integrated enterprise-class solutions for collaborative commerce.
This is the OpenACS Installer which performs all the steps necessary to get the OpenACS Community System running on your server.

Please read the Release Notes before proceeding to better understand what is contained in this release. The following database pools generated errors:
* OpenACS could not allocate a handle from database pool "pool1".
Possible causes might include:
* The database is not running.
* The database driver has not been correctly installed.
* The datasource or database user/password are incorrect.
* You didn't define any database pools.
The first step involved in setting up your OpenACS installation is to configure your RDBMS, correctly install a database driver, and configure AOLserver to
use it. You can download and install the latest version of the AOLserver Oracle and PostgreSQL drivers from the Software Page.

Once you're sure everything is installed and configured correctly, restart AOLserver.

This is a better error than previously getting redirected
to http://localhost:8000/

I am able to now see the installer screen.
Let me know what here on I need to do.