Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Don't understand "big picture" of what to do

Posted by Brian Fenton on
Hi Sal

welcome to the community! Feel free to update the wiki with any info you think would be useful to other users.

Just re the extending of the users table, I believe (not 100% sure) there is a "Contacts" package that will do exactly what you need. See here

best wishes

Posted by sal berg on
Thanks Brian, I will check out the contacts package.

Still having a few problems understanding this. For instance, in trying to implement the functionality that I hope the contacts package will do for me, I created a subsite, which I then wanted to customize. My thinking was that sub-directories would be placed somewhere, and files copied there, which I could then modify in order to customize the subsite. Of course, this didn't happen (no sub-directory anywhere) so I was largely at a loss as to how to customize. I guess there is something fundamental I am failing to grasp.

Thanks again!

Posted by Torben Brosten on
Hi Sal,

For a basic site, the acs-subsite package is already mounted, so there's no need to create another. To add directories, use your favorite *nix mkdir command in openacs-4/www/. or install/mount the file-storage package to have files dynamically manage via web.