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Posted by Antonio Pisano on
Hello Mattia,

short answer should be yes, but usually there is no need to use apm files by hand, as the package manager handles download and installation of software automatically.

If your package is not something special that doesn't come from, then I suggest you to just go with the package manager.

For manual installation, putting the directory in 'packages' as you said is perfectly fine.



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Posted by Mattia Righetti on
Hi Antonio,

Maybe I didn't well explained myself, I don't have the package I just have the apm file. And I always used to install packages by uploading them in the .../openacs/packages/ folder but I never did with the apm file, I don't know if it possible and even if it's possible, I don't know how to do it :(

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Posted by Benjamin Brink on
Apparently (and iirc), apm files are files compressed via gzip[1]. One loads them through via the APM according to directory package instructions[2].



5: Re: Installing packages (response to 4)
Posted by Antonio Pisano on
It's in the apm part of the server:

/acs-admin/apm -> Click on "Load a new package from a URL or local directory."

Short URL is this: /acs-admin/apm/package-load

The /acs-admin/apm interface is not reachable from the UI as far as I know. Most of us know it exist, but maybe we should link it somwhere.

6: Re: Installing packages (response to 5)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
It is reachable over the interface:

"Developer's Admin" (aka /acs-admin/developer)

"Package manager" (aka /acs-admin/apm)

"Load a new package from a URL or local directory." (aka /acs-admin/apm/package-load)