Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: ajaxhelper and its tests

Posted by Benjamin Brink on
Hi Jim,

You asked:

"Do you, or does anyone, have recommendations on how to use ajax currently (if not thru the use of ajaxhelper)?"

Just wanted to point out that ajaxhelper includes some useful icons; That's the only way I use it.

The icons comply with the GPL license --a task that may otherwise be tedious to verify individually.

Some icons use reasonably standardized imagery for UI --and is a larger set than available at: acs-subsite/resources

Posted by Antonio Pisano on
Will put an eye on that one of these days, thanks!
Posted by Jim Lynch on

OK, so would it be in any way useful to factor those out into another package? Was anything like this done already?


Posted by Benjamin Brink on
I don't know that it would be worthwhile to factor out the icons. One could generate similar ones if the package wasn't available --just using them to minimize time to produce packages by using existing resources.