Forum OpenACS Q&A: Is using OpenACS or an older version?

It looks to me like this is an OpenACS or perhaps .LRN site. Or maybe an older arsdi... site?

If so, its a de facto endorsement of the model from a usability perspective.

It's a very heavily modified version of ACS (predates OpenACS by quite a bit). Looks like it might be 3.4.9, which is dated December 2, 2000.

furfly hosts the site, but all the work on it is done by David Rodriguez, who used to work for Arsdigita. As I recall the site was originally built by Jin.

Thanks for the background, Janine.

I was following up on his "sparklines", as a useful approach to providing at a glance business intelligence data, and happened to glance at the url.

Its a very clean interface (to be expected), and an interesting site!

One of Solution Grove's current customers is a fan and we will be replicating the simple Q-and-A forum style. If anyone wants the code let us know.