Forum OpenACS Q&A: OpenACS Company List! Send your interest to be there!

Hello Community!

There is a big list of supposedly OpenACS service companies in:

Not sure if each one of them is alive, dead, active, really do something actively with OpenACS. What I really do know, is that we want any possible OpenACS adopter to choose any of the real companies of OpenACS, not to go to dead links.

As an start, if you are in that list, please send an email to oct_at_openacs_dot_org, to confirm that you are still giving OpenACS services. Based on the results, we might update the list!
If you are an active follower of OpenACS, you should see at least this news item.
I really hope all those companies were really doing something good with OpenACS, and actually if possible contributing back in some way to the toolkit.

And of course, if you're not yet there, what are you waiting for?

Posted by Nick Carroll on
I think it is good to do some Spring cleaning. That list is quite large, and obviously leads us to believe that there are more companies involved in the community than there is in reality.

I would like to see this list refreshed for a number of reasons. Rocael has already stated a couple, in particular we don't want newcomers to click on dead links. Those companies that are still fully supporting OpenACS will agree, as it means greater advertising potential for them. Those that have abandoned OpenACS have no right to be on that list anymore. And we shouldn't want them to be there. If a customer happens to stumble on that list and make contact with a company that no longer supports OpenACS, then that company will do their best to persuade the customer to use their framework of choice. For example, going to some of the companies that are high up on the list advertise that they provide .NET and Java solutions.

I think we should have three lists. One for sites that are "powered" by OpenACS, another for hosting providers, and a third for developers.

Posted by Dave Bauer on
Also if a company is listed, it would be good if the link actually went to a page that showed the OpenACS based services the company provided, including text that says they support OpenACS or .LRN.
Yes, categorized lists.
Also, not only companies, also consultants might want to be listed there, so anyone feel free to send your info or confirm.
Do you want to list people who are using dotLRN and give a brief on their institutional size etc?
Why don't you port this to the Community section in xowiki?

Thats where it belongs, and thats where we have wanted to move it after we get done with documentation.

I second Robert.
The Community OpenACS Sites section could also use a bit of maintenance.

For example,someone has even posted spam advertising low rates on Nokia phones there.

If the goal is marketing, that sites list should be organized based on status first, and then alphabetically.

When someone from a well-known organization posts on the forum, if they have not listed themselves on that page, they should be _asked_ politely if they'd like to do so.

I remember asking someone from the Brooklyn Museum to do so, and he was happy to oblige. Someone from Zipcar posted not so long ago, and they're not on the list.

Yes, the goal is marketing, your suggestions are welcomed, so it needs its own special section as it has now instead of moving to wiki. Also, special sponsor ads should be the seconds step, pretty much as do with their "sponsor" ads.
So I guess is fair to leave this month the list as it is, we have 7 confirmed companies so far, you still have time (company or individual consultant), just drop me an email. Then we'll trim the non-confirmed ones.
Rocael, why don't we all just have a section on the Wiki and let companies update their information there. It would be great to have sections that say companies, consultants and registered representatives of companies can write a bit about what they do etc, and they can always edit the details on their own. Shouldn't we be moving towards making the site more participatory in that sense?
Posted by Kevin Lau on
Hi all,

Our company is mainly use OpenACS as our solutions for clients and customer. Shall we register our company into the list.
Company name: Digitalone Limited
Location: Hong Kong


The whole thread started because participation has been encouraged, but without responsibility by the participants, please re-read it.
ok, just updated the list, feel free to send me the info of your company / consultant services, or post it here and then we'll put it there.