Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Replacing AOLserver with NaviServer

Posted by Antonio Pisano on
If you run on a recent version of OpenACS nothing should be done except:
- installing naviserver
- adapting its config.tcl so it points to your OpenACS instance and database
- run naviserver instead of aolserver

For older OpenACS version on naviserver this can be more problematic, because some apis would not be there anymore, but first things first: which versions are you running?

Posted by Mattia Righetti on
Hi Antonio, thanks for your reply.
I'm running AOLserver 4.5.1 with PostgreSQL 9.4 and OpenACS 5.8.0
The machine is Ubuntu 14.10. Do you know if there is an apt-get command for NaviServer? Or I can just download it from SourceForge?
Posted by Antonio Pisano on
As far as I know there is no naviserver packaged for Ubuntu yet, but a very easy way to install it is by a shell script you can find here

Try to get naviserver running under your openacs and see what happens.