Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Problems with ad_form Quoting of Indents in OpenACS 5.9


Thanks for the example. submitting concise bug-reports helps. I've updated the code in CVS (should also be available tomorrow via "upgade from repository". The example below works now as expected.


        {label Action}
        {options {
            { "    aaa" a }
            { "  bbb" b }
            { "<c>" c }
Hi Gustaf,

Could you please tell me which file was affected by fixing the issue? We had to patch OpenACS 5.9 considerably, so it would be a lot of work to update everything again.


you have a lot of patches for acs-core? This should not be necessary and sounds to me as if changes were local changes brought into at the wrong place.

anyhow, my positing above was on feb 24, you see the changes in chronological order in [1]. I think, [2,3] should be sufficient ... although i would not recommend to much cherry-picking.




I've updated widget-procs.tcl, it seems to be OK now.

Maybe we could go through our changes at some moment (before the next ]po[ release?) and check together the changes?

Thanks a lot!