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Posted by Matthew Coupe on
Hi everyone,

I have a question.

our dotLRN is very text heavy and not particularly visually appealing. We have created our own templates and style but that only applies the the area surrounding the body of the page.

Is there a way to include images, graphics and icons into the dotLRN to make it look better? - I'm talking about the portal pages here. Perhaps there is an application/service which can include random imagery from a bank of resources that I haven't seen before?

Thanks for any advice. Icons would be cool and I think I could use ad_conn::package_key or something like that to get the key of the portal and then include an icon for each different application in a www/images/icon.gif file?


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Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Have you seen the Kelp theme?

currently we use for most of our sites but if you like images you might like Kelp.

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Posted by Rafael Pastor Vargas on
Hi everybody,

This is my first message in the forum because the main problem i see in dotLRN is the visual impact in the final user (student, professors, etc.) and the usability of the tools.

It will be a good idea to create:
1) A complete manual of theme design in .LRN (like Moodle or others have it) based on the services offered by .LRN and the way to add them to the themes.
2) A pool of free themes that represents several points of view about the information organization and location if tools (several posts ago i see a theme called TUPI that represents an operational aproximation to the usability of tools).

From UNED, we'd like want to start with this tasks but at the begin we'll need help and sources of information.

Best regars,
Rafael Pastor