Forum .LRN Q&A: new web site - launching soon

Hi all,

We are taking down the for an hour or so while we
upgrade to a new, OpenACS 4 backed version of the site which will use Lars's
bug tracker to enable all of you to submit bug reports. We're looking forward to
more distributed contributions through this! Stay tuned....

This is great news, Ben. Thanks for moving ahead with this.
Is there a missing close center tag somewhere?  The FAQ is all centered...

I haven't used the bug tracker before but it seems like there's no link to enter any.  When I go to bug tracker, it's just a display with no link to "submit a bug"

Hi Ben

Good to see dotLRN moving on. I really like the clean site design as well. More fantastic work from Ben et cie!

However, just a couple of points .... ... why a totally seperate site? I personally think that it would have made a lot of sense to have the dotLRN site running as a subsite of the main openACS site.

I don't want to tread on toes, (I totally sat out the governance thread) but as it is, members of the openACS site, will have to reregister to keep track/post bug reports on dotLRN. Multiple logins/accounts is a bad thing (tm)

As well as the admin overhead, from a marketing point of view, this muddies the waters. would emphasize the ties between the two products more than the current!

Yeah, you probably want to grant "create" on the bug-tracker to registered users. Or the public.

And I think you're experiencing the IE on Mac issue with your CSS that I know Yon originally had in Forums. :)

Thanks for putting this up, that's great.


Posted by Ben Adida on
Ah yes, I've reinstalled the bug tracker so many times, I forgot to set the
permission this time around :) Thanks, Lars, it's done. By the way, the portal
theme you're seeing is based on your design of the bug tracker. I like that
design a lot. As soon as we've ironed out the bugs in the portal theme, we'll
commit it to the CVS tree so others can use it.

Quick question: what CSS bug are you seeing? All browsers I've tried are
rendering correctly so far.

Separate site: dotLRN is an OpenACS application owned by MIT Sloan with
its own governance (see the governance thread). That's why there's a

IE on Windows shows everything centered. The titles and contents of portlets, the contents on the "Software" page, the bread crumbs and title on the /bugs/ page, etc.
Thanks Ben for the clarification. This what I've addressed in my latest post to the dotLRN thread:

And this is also what I've tried to address in the "Open 4.6 Items & Project Status" thread without any replies thus far:

Ben, Thanks for the updated site and information. I like it!
Regarding hosting the dotLRN stuff under, we've played around with setting up subsites for various subprojects (OpenACS, AOLserver for our custom changes to that). There's a dotLRN link there but ignore it, it's just there as an example. And currently they're not subsites because something seems broken when subsites and etp try to play together, or subsite itself is broken in the install (works at home for me, though).

The idea here isn't to try to twist arms to get project like dotLRN to host under, it is very important for such projects to have every opportunity to establish their brand in their target market.

The direction is to be able to offer hosting later for those projects that don't want to be bothered with hosting their own site. Using ACS subsite means projects that host at can have their own look and feel - they can have banners that are entirely yellow and maroon if they want - and can control membership if they want.

And the host node map allows for mapping an arbitrary domain name to an arbitrary subsite. That's what we do with and, for instance.

But offering hosting as a service to an interesting project is much different that suggesting such projects should host here. I personally think it's fine that dotLRN is hosted elsewhere.

lars: the centering issue on IE on windows is fixed
I tried to access the page with the installation instructions of dotLRN that is linked from and was prompted to login. After I had registered I go a security violation page.