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Current works relate to FAA and EU4ALL Projects.

As you can see in the corresponding paper and poster, FAA (Open and Accessible Training) is based on .LRN to support accessible standard-based (IMS, SCORM) collaborative and adaptive courses along the full life cycle of eLearning.

In turn, EU4ALL (European Unified Approach for Accessible Lifelong Learning) aims to build an open and accessible service architecture for all to cope with the accessibility requirements in higher education institutions in Europe. OpenACS toolkit (using the web services support developed by Wien) is going to be used.


FAA: paper & poster
EU4ALL: paper & poster

Posted by Dario Roig on
Hi Olga!

Thanks for the information. In Valencia a congress is celebrated in March. We are going to make a presentation, if to somebody it interests to him to come it is a good occasion to see us.

In is the info:


On behalf of theinted 2007Organizing Committee we would like to invite you to participate in the International Technology, Education and Development Conference in Valencia (Spain) on March, 7th, 8th and 9th , 2007

The general objective of theinted 2007conference is the promotion of international collaboration in the field of technology, engineering and science education.inted 2007provides an International Forum for researchers, engineers, professors, educational scientists and technologists in the areas of Education, Science and Technology. It will be an excellent opportunity to present, demonstrate and discuss research, development, applications, and the latest innovations and results in the field of Higher Education and Industry.

We would like to strongly encourage you to submit presentation abstracts and participate in the inted 2007in Valencia to share your achievements in the fields of education and international collaboration. The deadline for submitting abstracts is December 1st, 2006.

In addition to the technical aspects of the program, ourinted 2007website provides you with tourist information about our beautiful city of Valencia and its surroundings.

We look forward to seeing you in Valencia in March, 2007!
The Organizing Committee.

Posted by Caroline Meeks on

Could someone with site wide on dotLRN please post this as a news item on

Olga would it make sense to link to the posters and papers from the dotlrn user page?

Great work! We need to spread the word about what people are doing.

Posted by Matthew Coupe on
How do we get on that page about users?

At NCC Education we have adopted dotLRN and have about 8,000 users increasing to around 20,000 next year.


You can write the case study, once is ready send us an email for further steps. The same for anyone, we are looking forward for more case studies of using .LRN.
Posted by Olga C. Santos on
I'm back from from mICTE conference where I presented our research works (see initial post) and I would like to give you some feedback of other works dealing with .LRN.

  • “Aula Virtual”: An e-learning management platform of Universitat de València Development based on Open Code and Collaborative Software by P. Moreno Clari, V. Cerverón Lleó.
  • Adaptivity in e-learning by Filip KAREL. The full text (which I currently have in paper, but they have told me that they are going to upload them in the conference website) concludes that: "We compared particular features of different systems and put emphasis on user friendliness of adaptivity. Moodle and .LRN systems appeared to be the best at the moment". Moreover, they provide a comparison table for .LRN, Docebo, Moodle, Dokeos, ATutor and Claroline with the following scores for .LRN (1=poor, 5=excellent) and considering user friendliness and possibility of adaptation: a) Document publishing: (4); b) Calendar: (5); c) Chat/Forums: (3); d) Grades/Tests: (4); e)Surveys: (4). They have chosen Moodle for their practical experience, which scores as follows (in the same order): 3, 5, 4, 5, 4.
  • I also met Jan Markovic and Joanna Kisielewska who are dealing with using Moodle and .LRN together. Effective cross-cultural collaboration in on-line environment: iCamp project perspective. The abstract does not provide too much info, but they are working with Gustaf Neumann, so he may provide more details. I found this link with a .LRN sandbox.
Regarding the suggestion of linking the papers and posters from aDeNu work in the .LRN Users' page and providing a use case, the problem is the time. I hope that after .LRN release Emma and I can work on it.