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Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Hi there,
Why have we never promoted such a discussion here? Javascript's libs as well as the OACS (tcl and Xotcl interfaces).

Plus, all other approaches integrating JS to OpenACS would be a very good resource. Such as ext-JS, which strongly presented in ]po[, Angular JS, Ionic and so on.

I searched for Angular hoping I would find something interesting, and all that I found was 3 posts from IRC Chat.

Best wishes,

Posted by Antonio Pisano on
Hi Iuri

That I know, some discussion about javascript libraries happens every once and then in this forum. Just some I recall participating in the past (not necessarily for the good :-) )

OpenACS uses and has used in the past different javascript resources (e.g. extJS, YUI, xinha, bootstrap, ckeditor, tinyMCE... probably some missing). Some issue about embracing whatever js library is that is an extra dependency one has to maintain. It is not always easy to spot whether some currently very popular js thingy will be dropped in the next months or not (e.g. xinha), or how reactive one should be prepared to be with respect to new versions of the library (e.g. extJS).

This is why I think that as a platform we should limit dependencies to external javascripts to a minimum. The end user of course has different drivers and discussing about how to integrate e.g. AngularJS in openacs applications could be very useful and interesting.