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Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Hi Iuri,

did you make any progress? I looked at the docker container frank provided for OpenACS and was ... mildly disappointed by the lack of understanding what a container is and how it is supposed to be run (e.g. one container, one process running in the foreground).

Therefore I started off with building a base naviserver container and removing the (necessary?) postgresql installation after compiling naviserver. From that I was going to connect it using docker-compose to the database and then have a specific container either for OpenACS or ]project-open[ or customer code which connects the two (and does the automatic pull from the git repository). Goal is to eventually utilize Kubernetes with Ingress to have more than one container run the naviserver off the same custom code.

Long story short, as I am still at the start of said journey, any update where you are at?

Best wishes