Forum OpenACS Q&A: New OpenACS 4.6 based web site launches

The new has launched thanks to the hard work of many volunteers. See

Please visit the site, and tell us what you think. If anything is not working the way you expect please let us know!

I want to say that it was a great experience leading this effort to improve the OpenACS web site. All the members of the community were very helpful it making it happen.

Have fun!

Posted by Roberto Mello on
During this transition phase there will be some minor glitches that we will be addressing as soon as we notice them. Be kind when you report them, please, but do report them 😊

I would like to reiterate what Dave said regarding the site. It's been a great experience. Thanks to all who made it happen and the community for its continued support and contributions.

Posted by Andrew Spencer on
Congratulations, and thanks for all your hard work!
Posted by Lars Pind on
Yeeehah! :)

Congratulations, guys!


Posted by C. R. Oldham on
Note double slash after the in the "manage your email" link:

<blockquote> Getting too much email? Manage your notifications at:

And in confirming my post, my post appears centered.

Thanks for all the hard work!
Kudos on the conversion!

Any chance the notifications could have at least one email between the URLs and the "Getting too much email" line?

Also, the home page doesn't render well in Netscape 4.7 (Linux).  The right sidebar ends up intermingled on top of the center column of text.

The old site's bboard notifications had a Reply-To header set so you could easily reply to the poster.  Any chance we could have that added back in?

Also, when I came to this thread and wanted to reply, I looked for a link at the bottom of the thread.  But, I guess I'm just suposed to hit "reply" to one of the child posts.  Does it make a difference which? (Is there a threaded alternative in the work? I notice each reply link has a different parent id.)


Hmm... maybe I just overloked the post a reply link.  🤔

When the bboard notification came through it was all as one solid paragraph.  Something normalized the \n's into single spaces.  (My reply format was/is text.)

Posted by Dave Bauer on
Thanks for the feedback.

I wanted everyone to know there is a bugtracker for the actual web site at

where you can report bugs.

The code for the site can be checked out from the OpenACS repository using the module name of

The new bugtracker also accepts patches, so if anyone wants to contribute to the site, they can send a patch for a new feature or bug fix.

The bugtracker for OpenACS itself is at

Posted by Jerry Asher on
Looks good.  Congrats and thanks for the hard work.

And I'm glad to see the notifications db or code has been fixed.  I went on vacation-mode about four months ago at the old site and after I returned I never saw another notification again.

No notifications from openacs.  That left me with /. and fark and seemingly, 1-2 more hours in the day.

I have found one bug.  It appears that if you are not logged in, then the "reply" links take you to a 404.  I'll stick that in the bug tracker.

Michael, there's a patch for the line-break-swallowing behaviour of email notifications in sdm (not in bug-tracker). May some of the kind souls here apply it soon ...
Posted by Dan Wickstrom on
Great job on the new site!  It's really looks great.  Congratulations and thanks for all of the hard work.
Great job, Thanks for the hard work. Very cool!
Posted by Vinod Kurup on
Great work everyone! This calls for a beer - where the heck is Talli, anyway?

BTW, i tried to use the bugtracker to add a bug report (same one that Jerry mentioned above), but I get the message that I don't have permission to create bug reports.

Posted by Rafael Calvo on
Excellent work guys. Thanks!!

I will have a beer in your honor today.

Posted by Dave Bauer on
I fixed the permissions problem with the OpenACS bugtracker. Registered users should be able to submit bug reports now.
Nice work guys. I'll be filing any bugs I might find and their patches in the bug tracker.
Great work everybody! Special admiration goes to Jun and his designer crew plus Carl for the slick graphics.
Posted by Jun Yamog on
Great work!!!  Its finally here!!!  Yahoo!!!

Thanks Staffan... but it was the Hansson bros that made the grunt work of putting it into stone... I mean ADP.

Posted by Richard Li on
Congratulations. One migration bug is that notification settings were not migrated, so I woke up this morning with a a hundred unsolicited emails in my inbox, since I was automatically subscribed for instant alerts to all the forums on the new site.
In the 3.x bboard, when the subject is just "Re: $root_subject" it leaves it out.  Can this be added in?  Seems so much more cluttered w/o it...
Posted by John Holroyd on
Well done guys
Posted by Staffan Hansson on
None of my old forum posts, predating the launch of the new OpenACS website, are displayed when clicking on my name. The other members' old postings that I've looked at are shown, however. OK, my few posts weren't exactly brilliant literature, I know, but were they really that bad... 😉
Posted by Dave Bauer on

Apparently there are two of you.

This user has 24 forums postings.

Posted by Jeff Davis on
One thing I noticed was that a new account was created if you changed your email since the last time the update was run.
We probably should have saved an old uid -> new uid map
and updated emails rather than creating new ones when the
email was changed.
Posted by David Kuczek on
Great job. The site looks really nice!

I am not sure if this has already been mentioned, but where all bboard posts ported over to the new site?

I was searching for a post of mine where I wanted to know details about casting. First I was searching via "Kuczek insert select" but nothing was found. Then I checked out and found the right thread:

Then I just copied a somehow unique part of the thread into the new search (which is a little bit too small in my opinion) and got nothing in return either... The part that I was searching for is "mark_1::float8::varchar".

Posted by David Kuczek on
Ooooh, I love it that links are regexped automatically into real links on this forum!!!!
Posted by Ola Hansson on

The posts are there.

Keep the old url and just strip the "sdm." part of it and try again. Thanks to Tilmann "Magic" Singer you'll be redirected to the right post on the new site!

Try this:

(Same thing if someone tries to get - they will be redirected to our new forum index page.)

Dunno about search. You cannot search for posts by name in the message header, it seems...

Posted by Dave Bauer on
It looks like the OpenFTS based serach in the header is more effective than the forums only search on the forums page.

I still could not find that search term. Possibly because it is not a "word" that particular sequence was not indexed.

Posted by Dan Wickstrom on
I did the search on "Kuczek insert select", and I noticed that it turned up your post in this thread.  It's possible that your original post was not indexed.

Openfts weights title terms much heavier, iirc the title has a relative weight of 10 and the body has a relative weight of 0.1, so it's not surprising that title terms show up more readily.  In addition openfts openfts classifies each lexem to  a specific lexem type, and the indexing operation filters out some types.  Both of these features are configurable.

32: Re: Search (response to 1)
Posted by Benjamin Bytheway on
I was doing a search today and got a bunch of results from forums.  The results for the search link to the one-message view of forums and there doesn't seem to be any way to get back to the full thread from that page.  I used both the forums search and the openfts search and received the same results.  There needs to be an easy way to get from a single message back into the thread where it was originally posted.