Forum OpenACS Development: Save the Date: European OpenACS and Tcl/Tk Conference 2023

Dear community,

After last year's success, we are proud to announce the joint European OpenACS and Tcl/Tk Conference 2023. It will take place once again at the Vienna University of Economics and Business from 20 to 21 July 2023.

The conference chairs Gustaf Neumann and Harald Oehlmann are looking forward to meeting you all in Vienna.

Please find all further details on the conference website. Registration is now open:

Dear all,

this is a remember of the forthcoming OpenACS + Euro Tcl/Tk conference. Please note, that the deadline for sending submission ends soon.... this year earlier than last year to ease planning.

Don't hesitate to submit your favorite topic. We welcome as well discussion topics and position statements to better understand, how we can support the community better.

All the best

Can you present virtually?
Can we still download presentations from the last one, in 2022?
It seems login is required to visualize download options. However, I have no account and, the website forbid self registration
× Self registration is not allowed
Hi Iuri!

This works just fine w/o authentication. I just checked.

HTH, Stefan

Hello Stefan,
Indeed, video works just fine. I meant to download it.

I looked for buttons in the page, but there are none.
Plus, I tried third party websites to download the video, pasting the link to their engines, but it seems to block their access.

Best wishes,

I figured out, I looked carefully at the URL and had an insight to change the parameter m, from "delivery" to "download" and, Voilà!


Best wishes,

..., but I still think we're missing usability on that page! ;)
Dear Iuri,

congratulation on the URL hacking 😊

One can also access the list of videos from and on the "Actions" dropdown click on either "Download Camera" or "Download Screen" in order to get an mp4 of the relevant stream. There is also a chance to download the audio only.

All the best