Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: File Storage Categorization

Posted by Deds Castillo on

Solution Grove added something like this for the LNW Program.

The URL below should take you to a search page which makes use of categories tied to a file storage instance where you can search files. This makes use of a modified category widget as well that's why the display is like that.

Actual categorization was added on the upload page and on the URL creation/edit page.

If you try clicking on a file or selecting multiple files on the result page, then you'll see their categorization. This was client requirement so it was made that way but I guess it should be on the file details page for the stock code. I initially did the code but it has been touched by DaveB and Hamilton as well so I'm not sure how heavily customized it is now.

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
People may also be interested in this tag cloud and AJAX powered search that Solution Grove (mostly Hamilton) built based on the categorization of the documents in the LNW library.

This is a proof of concept work and needs quite a bit of refinement before LNW puts in on production.