Forum OpenACS Q&A: upgrading from oracle 8i to 9i or 10g

hi guys...
i really need your help regarding this:

1. While upgrading to 9i, during installtion it prompts for upgrade database, is that good or to upgrade after the installtion?

2. When i click autorun.exe on 10g installtion kit, i am getting error message "Unable to load Resource DLL". Why is this and how to overcome.

*3. Is it required to 9i first and then to 10g or can i directly go to 10g? and how good is 10g (questoning bcoz its quite news)

Hoping you guys can help me..
thanx in advance


Posted by Jade Rubick on
I can't answer your other questions, but about how good 10g is... it's amazing. Oracle is hard to set up and frustrating sometimes, but it is also an incredibly powerful database, way ahead of anything else.

I'd recommend picking up some books by Tom Kyte. I'm reading his most recent now, but I'd recommend starting with

Effective Oracle by Design

It's pretty advanced, but really gives you an idea of how you can take advantage of the database..

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Jade, your post reminded me how much I love Oracle's SQL:2003 OLAP functionality. The only obnoxious Oracle-ism I've noticed lately is the absurdly poor support for the timestamp and interval types.
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Andrea, yes, you should upgrade directly from 8i to 10g, AFAIK there is no reason you should use 9i at all. There are many ways to upgrade to 10g... Read Oracle's docs on the subject. Probably the simplest way - and it's what I did - is to export all your data from 8i, and import it into 10g.

You seem to be messing with Oracle on Windows. This is the wrong place to ask about that, few folks here use Windows much, and those who do use Windows are probably running PostgreSQL on it, not Oracle.

I have installed and used the Oracle client libraries on Windows. As I recall, the Oracle installers screwed up its Windows file permissions, and the Oracle client stuff (sqlplus, etc.) would not work at all until I manually fixed the Windows file permissions. The Oracle error message also was completely useless, it said nothing at all about file permissions. So, that's one possible snafu to consider...

Posted by Andrea Alicante on
thanx guys really helps me..