Forum OpenACS Q&A: How to access postgres-db on other port than 5432

I would like to test pg-73 with openacs-4.7. The Postgres Server is running on port 6543 as pg-72 is using the default port. Is there any chance to supply the db-port in the config-file?


Posted by David Walker on
In your nsd.tcl use the following style

ns_section "ns/db/pool/postgres_pool"
ns_param  driver          postgres_driver
ns_param  datasource      HOSTNAME:PORT:database_name

Posted by Tilmann Singer on
Don't know if that still applies but if you need to recompile the postgres driver here's a good guide:

Posted by James Thornton on
Start postmaster with the -i -p 9876 options, and in your nsd.tcl file, set PG to run on localhost:9876:yourdb, where 9876 is the port you want.
Posted by Peter Alberer on
Thanks to all! That did it!