Forum OpenACS Development: Re: About: Weekly OpenACS Chat

Posted by Roberto Mello on
I think the link was not a very good idea exactly because of the situation we're seeing here. The link only works in Mozilla clients that have tho chatzilla client installed.

It won't work with other browsers unless you do some fiddling. Don't even know if it's possible with IE.

Regarding Trillian, read bugtraq. But if you want to insist on using it, then it can talk to IRC servers. Just go into your accounts and tell it to connect to as the server. And then join #openacs.

There's a link for IRC beginners at the openacs irc page.

On the integration issue, OpenACS is a server-side solution for web applications. Trillian is a client for multiple instant messaging protocols, and IRC. The AOLserver+Jabber integration was possible because Jabber also has a server. Not so with trillian.


Posted by Tilmann Singer on
Then let's change the link text to something like:

(direct link - doesn't work with all browsers)

Instead of removing it. In those cases when the link works it's an enormous time saver.

Posted by Bart Teeuwisse on
With the exception of the link on all links to the #openacs channel explicitly say that _only_ Mozilla users with a _complete_ install can use the direct link. Users with other browsers are instructed to open their favorite IRC client and connect to the server. Then join the #openacs channel.

Links to to find a suitable IRC client and a short IRC primer at are provided.

Ben, you'll find the same instructions at the top of this thread as well as Hope to see you at #openacs soon.