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Posted by Lars Pind on

This is an item that's very much on my todo list right now, although it's stalled right now, as we're busy with work.

Check out my various notes on these issues over at In particular the Business use cases, User interface plans, and Fixing acs-subsite.

In short, I think we're wasting time and limiting our growth significantly by not making more sense and being more usable out of the box.


5: Re: user interface (response to 4)
Posted by Ben Koot on
Bart and Lars, I understand the toolkit approach and no design policy, yet with a minor tweak the current output would be greatly enhanaced without any design efforts. If we change the default "horizontal line" into a "Vertical line" to split up the screen, and have the navigation and other funcitonality on the left of the page, it would give a full screen to the ACS output display. I will try to make sense out of the templating system as soon as possible, so I won't have to bother you any longer, but for newbies to have a few simple options like this so the basic display looks presentable might make sense. Maybe it would be usefull to start thinking of creating an OpnenACS "designers manual". I have a feeling a lot of features are allready available most people don't realize. A strat could be we identify which OACS members are reraly familiar with all this, and create a seperate working party. Maybe my simple ( non-merd )trials on Tmedesk could help to write an OpenACS Designers Guidebook Cheers Ben