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Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

I have secured *some* funding for Complex Survey (I hope it can be a combined funding effort like the Greenpeace/Heidelberg/MIT Workflow work was) and will start to get that going after dotLRN 1.0 comes out (do not have time beforehand anyhow). This is something I will bring up in April (in Copenhagen).

Lars recently committed an events module to the OpenACS CVS that he is using at his company site to manage the dotLRN/OpenACS events coming up in Copenhagen ( ). I have taken a quick look at it and it is nice.


6: Re: Modules Missing. (response to 5)
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Though I'm not sure what the features are for complex survey I can tell that we are porting our enhancements for the survey module to OpenACS til middle of May. These are:

- Sectioning. You can split up your survey in multiple sections.
- Branching. Depending on an answer to a question you are redirected to different sections.
- Public. Survey's can be public, which means they can be answered by anyone (even unregistered users).
- Finished_p. Once you have sections you have the problem of defining whether a survey has been answered completely (as sections allow people to fill out a compley survey in multiple stages).
- Delete. Unsure if it's already there, but we will have the possibility to delete surveys.
- Some fancy new styles for surveys (adding graphics as possible answers, multiple layers (e.g quality and importance) of multiple choice questions.