Forum OpenACS Q&A: ns_sendmail: Colon illegal in host name part


I get this error:

Error: ns_sendmail failed: Expected a 250 status line; got:
553 5.1.3 <>... Colon illegal in host name part

I guess I have a problem with the hostname and the address where the site is runnig.

I have read some post about sendmail.tcl and having the port number in the hostname, but I can't figure it out.

I have modified sendmail.tcl as follows (as I read in anoterh post)
_ns_smtp_send $wfp "HELO [ns_info hostname]" $timeout

[ns_info hostname] returns "jimmy" which is the hostname
But my site is running at as you can see from the error above.

Any hints?

Thanks in advance

PS: dotlrn-1.0 install worked beatifully. NICE WORK !!

Posted by Graeme Haygarth on

Remove [ns_info hostname] from

_ns_smtp_send $wfp "HELO [ns_info hostname]" $timeout

in sendmail.tcl and replace with a fixed name, no spaces or colons etc. any old name seems to work, I use Aolserver and that solved my problem.


Posted by David Walker on
I think it is erroring due to a badly constructed From address.  It looks like a notification is trying to use "" as the domain part of the return address.
Posted by Alex Schenkman on
How do I fix that "badly constructed From adress"?