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Setting up a developmental server

Setting up a developmental server

This is not another installation guide for OpenACS. There is already good documentation for installing OpenACS. This is a list of things you can do with your installation to set up a good developmental box. For example, what you can use in your .emacs file, and other tips.

Furthermore, some items on this list might be Debian specific.

Install emacs

apt-get install emacs21

Install some developmental tools

You can't live without source control if you're a developer. Right now, that means CVS. There are also some cvs utilities you might want to install.

If you don't want cvsutils, replace cvsutils in the following command with cvs. Debian will automatically download cvs if you didn't have it installed.

apt-get install cvsutils

Install qmail

This is optional, but easy on Debian.
apt-get remove exim
apt-get install  ucspi-tcp-src
apt-get install qmail-src

Best Configuration in Debian for Openacs Development is an Openacs thread with many pointers, also.