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Next Steps After Installation, Debian Specific


After following:

Debian Installation Instructions

A. Installing Daemontools

nano /usr/share/doc/openacs|dotlrn/README.daemontools on openacs package.

apt-get install daemontools daemontools-run

B. Configuring Daemontools and Using SVC

1) Change the "StartDaemon" value to "no" in /etc/default/:
# OpenACS
nano /etc/default/openacs
... or ...

# .LRN
nano /etc/default/dotlrn

2) Stop the daemon:



# OpenACS
/etc/init.d/openacs stop
   ... or ...


# .LRN
/etc/init.d/dotlrn stop

3) Link daemontools dotlrn|openacs script:


# OpenACS
ln -s /usr/share/openacs/etc/daemontools /etc/service/openacs
... or ...

# .LRN

ln -s /usr/share/dotlrn/etc/daemontools /etc/service/dotlrn

Now you can control the dotlrn service using the svc command:
* To start the service: svc -u /etc/service/
/openacs or dotlrn
* To stop the service: svc -d /etc/service/
/openacs or dotlrn
* To restart the service: svc -t /etc/service/openacs or dotlrn

C. If There's Problems Purge and Reinstall

apt-get remove --purge openacs or dotlrn


apt-get install openacs or dotlrn

D. To configure the instance to listen on a different IP than

Edit the config.tcl file:
nano /etc/openacs|dotlrn/config.tcl

Change the following parameters to fit your needs:
set hostname Your hostname
set address to Your public IP

E. Backup and Restore (to be filled in)

I first went to: backup and restore docs


and found that I had to figure out how to:


pg_dump -f /var/lib/aolserver/$OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME/database-backup/before_upgrade_to_4.6.dmp openacs-dev
ls -al /var/lib/aolserver/$OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME/database-backup/before_upgrade_to_4.6.dmp

which I thought would be "dotlrn"
turned out to be "www-data"

Next I found there was no /var/lib/aolserver but there are /var/lib/dotlrn and /var/lib/postgresql

The default paths show the locations that were decided upon (in early 2004) so below we will try to document were things are in a standard dotlrn installation, now.

a work in progress

OpenACS service dotlrn
OpenACS service account www-data
OpenACS database name dotlrn
SERVERROOT /usr/share/dotlrn/www
Database backup directory /var/backups/
Service config files /usr/share/dotlrn/etc/config.tcl
Service log files /usr/share/dotlrn/log/
PostgreSQL directory /usr/lib/postgresql/8.3/main
AOLserver directory /usr/lib/aolserver4
Backup Script

F. Installing Packages (to be filled in)


1. From .LRN CVS

a) Create a local repository

b) Download to your local repository

G. View the Log File


nano /var/log/aolserver4/dotlrn/error.log

H. Mail Server (to be filled in)


  1. Installation
  2. configuration


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