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Hi -

From several meetings, and from my own personal struggles - I believe a public testing server would be beneficial to the community.

During the intense Zen development period, CarlBlesius let me use one of his servers as a playground so I could contribute to OpenACS in some way (A wish of mine for ~7 years).

We also used this server as the public zen server where everyone could see the current work being done. The server is still up at:

It wasn't used much publicly, mostly, I think, due to my lack of CVS branching experience, but I think there are valuable lessons to be learned from it.

I think, if done correctly, it could benefit the community greatly if there was something similar for OpenACS:

  • Current development could easily be reviewed and approved / unapproved by OCT
  • We could easily have a "production" server where interested people & newbies could look at openacs w/o having to go through the installation process.

I propose that we have something similar for OpenACS .
I can ask Carl if we can use this same server or if someone has a server available, that would be great...

I also volunteer to get the initial server with Postgres up and running and help maintain this server if needed.

Can this please be discussed by OCT at some point?

Thanks much,

There are public test servers:

We (Innova team) kind of maintain them and we want to improve them (daily update, regeneration scrits...) in the near future.

Every CVS committer has the right to ask for ssh and DB access (details in the above link), so we should use them for a start.

They should also be used by developers to port new postgresql develop to oracle as all openacs core and dotlrn-all should be supported by both RDBMS.

Posted by Nima Mazloumi on
The dotLRN site seems broken for postges
Posted by Avni Khatri on
Nima! -

How are you doing?
Which dotlrn site?

This site works for me:

I haven't updated the code from the repository recently though.


Nima meant the dotlrn postgresql instance in :)

BTW, both .LRN instances (Postgresql and Oracle are reinstalled with 2.3.0-final


Since they are supposed to be test servers, it would be more useful to have installed there the versions under development instead of the final ones :).

it will be taken care of :) I'll post in this thread and will update test servers front page as soon as we are done
Posted by Brian Fenton on
Wow, they are great! I really think it'd be nice to see a big fat Demo link to those from the front page (a bit like Drupal has).


Posted by Michael Cordova on
I agree with you Avni, that kind of servers are really useful for the community. As Raul said, we (at UNED) have the official testing servers: running openACS (A) and dotLRN (D), each with PostgreSQL (P) and Oracle (O), so... 4 servers in total: A+P, A+O, D+P, D+O.

I will like to emphasize the difference between staging (or pre-production, or demo) and (automated) testing servers. I think both are important: testing for developers, and demo for final users or the marketing team.

I like a lot the way Viaro Networks show their work at oacs rocks!, and also ]po[ has a nice web, with a lot of documentation, a good marketing and a big online demo button.

Posted by Avni Khatri on
Hi Miguel,

Thanks for your response.
I feel that one of the community's biggest problems is that we have "official" servers all around the world, but don't have documentation on saying which server in which country is being used for what and who do I contact to access that server?

So as a new developer to the community (or even an experienced one),
I would have a hard time finding out:

1. Who do I contact to submit code?
2. What is the name of the production server (
3. Where can I go to test the most recent changes to OpenACS?
4. Where can I go to see a production instance of OpenACS being run?
5. What is the process for getting code submitted to OpenACS?

I am not sure what the right solution (what's best for the community) is still..
Perhaps as a first step, just adding a wiki page?

On a side note - I spoke with my boss (Robert (Buddy) Dennis) and he said he would look for a box that OpenACS can use. We have a full-time sysadmin (Patrick Alger) that can maintain the box.