Forum OpenACS Q&A: Good, Great and Excellent Developer" (Slides from UNED OpenACS Course)

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Did you ever want to know why "excellent" developers are ~10x faster then "good" developers? Here you'll find a concise opinion (PDF) and clear instructions on how to become excellent...

The content is pretty well know in the literature, but these slides are made particularly for the OpenACS community.



This is a very nice overview. Though I would draw some lines differently and add the various variants of OpenACS into the game, it still looks good. Thanks for the overview and weren't it for the ]po[ style I would recommend uploading the content onto the about OpenACS page.
frank, malte ... are you guys comming to the conference in Guatemala?

Sorry, I won't make it to be in Guatemala.

Concerning the "]po[" Style: What about putting a big OpenACS logo on the very first page saying "]po[ is an OpenACS company"? Others are also using their company templates for stuff like this, and - AFAIK - there is no official OpenACS PPT template, is there?


Nope, I won't make it to Guatemala either as I have a review meeting in Slovenia. How about you coming over to Europe, after all there are two of us on the right side of the ocean :-).
Frank, thats a cool idea. I would say 'yes' on that.
Malte, heh!

Actually you know what? You're on. I have a trip to EU next year during the summer, but I might be over there a lot earlier.

I'll touch base when things are rolling.


How would you draw the lines in the PO chart? I ask, because I may have the opportunity to make a more generic version in the next month or two, and want to make sure that it would be as useful as possible.



Hi Torben,

I don't 100% understand your questions. "Lines in the PO chart"? Do you want to change them completely?

It'd consider the slides as released under the CC (Creative Commons) model. It's OK to change the template but it would be great if you could maintain a considerably sized ]project-open[ logo somewhere in the 1st or 2nd slide saying that ]po[ is "an OpenACS company" with a product specialized on project management ...


Hi Frank,

My question is in reply to Malte's statement "..I would draw some lines differently..".

I would follow the lines that naturally flow from an oversight of but am interested in learning of other practical paths as well.

The document is a real inspiration for me to add visual representations to the OpenACS documentation.